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We are the most trusted gardening & landscaping designers in Mills River, NC

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Family is Important!

We are family owned & operated and completely understand how busy schedules take over! Happy will keep to a routine so you have no worries and your lawn is professionally maintained at all times

Three years ago we moved onto a one acre farm in Mills River, NC. Each year we are learning more about growing organically and one day hope to expand our company into a farm market!

Your Friends, Carl & Rachel

Areas Covered

Landscape designs for anyone and everyone that needs them!

We always try to provide excellent work! Areas we service- Fletcher, River Stone, Arden, Mills River, South Asheville, Horseshoe, Airport Road, Asheville. Always detail and above quality maintenance provided. By targeting so many areas nearby we get to grow our lawn care family with all sorts of great people. Our customers are a huge part of our business, so we treat each one like family!

Read Our History

Learn how Happy earned his nickname and has kept it after all this time!


<h2>Always Happy!</h2>

Always Happy!

Carl grew up in a family of eight children and began working with his step dad at a young age. His step father said he had a grin from ear to ear all the time, as there was no worries in his world!


<h2>Happy stuck!</h2>

Happy stuck!

The nickname was earned and anyone working with his stepdad referred to him as Happy! Years later, out of pure coincidence, Carl started working with a tree company and Reynolds gave him the same nickname!


<h2>Happy brings his skills to Fletcher, NC!</h2>

Happy brings his skills to Fletcher, NC!

Happy and his family relocated to WNC in 2010 with hopes to build a company to showcase his talents & love for the outside! Over the years, with the help of our clients, we keep growing!


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